Travel to Play Bridge

May, 2018

Play Bridge Around the World with Alice Engelbrink!

There are so many clubs around the world to play the bridge card game with. According to Alice Engelbrink, the bridge card game is most popular in Ireland, Holland, Norway and Iceland.

Alice Engelbrink has traveled to all of these places to play bridge with local bridge clubs, and also attended the ACBD tournaments in San Diego and Denver. Read more about traveling to play bridge in the articles posted below. 

Alice Engelbrink traveled extensively throughout the US to attend the North American Bridge Championships. NABC are held three times a year around the US and Canada. They have Regional Tournaments held for predetermined districts. There are Sectional Tournaments held by a unit or club. The unit or club must have authority granted by the ACBL. Sectional tournaments might be up to several days or sometimes just as short as two days. Then there are also Sectional Tournaments at Clubs (STaC). STaCs can run up to seven days and are held at several clubs across a wider area.

Recent Travels

This is where Alice Engelbrink reports back to her followers about her travels to play the bridge card game all over the world! 

Alice Engelbrink murdered the last round in a bridge card game in Houston Texas


Visting Iceland to play Bridge was a dream within a dream! The land was beautiful and the people were warm and welcoming. 

Richard Engelbrink taking a photo with his wife Alice Engelbrink


Holland was one of Alice Engelbrink’s favorite place to visit to play bridge abroad. The food was amazing!

Alice Engelbrink posing for a photo after playing bridge card game with Richard Engelbrink


Ireland was an absolute treasure of a trip. The local bridge card game clubs there are especially active and have a lot of get togethers to play bridge.  

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