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September, 2018

Bridge Enthusiast

Alice Engelbrink and her husband Richard Engelbrink news Houston were avid bridge players

They spent most Saturday evenings with friends sitting around a card table.  Becoming an expert at bridge can take years but learning to play for fun with friends is easy.  Check out this youtube link to learn to play bridge in minutes .

www.bridgeworld.com is another excellent source for teaching yourself how to play bridge. 

Playing bridge is a great pastime for those who want to enjoy quiet times with friends. 

In order to create an inviting space for friends to play, you must have a card table with four comfortable chairs.  Serving drinks with appetizers is also a good idea.  Alice Engelbrink Houston news knows how to make people feel welcome and that always includes food.   

Chess is another favorite pastime for Alice Engelbrink Houston and her husband.  While chess only requires 2 players, you can make it a social event by having two boards and inviting another couple over to play.   

Hearts is another great card game to play with friends.  The key is to get rid of all of your Spades, create a void of a suite.  Shooting the moon is a good strategy if you have a terrible hand.   

Spades requires four participants.  The object of the game is to bid a certain number of tricks that you think you can win and then win at least that many tricks, hopefully more. 

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