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Bridge Enthusiast, World Traveler, Family Focused
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Taking on the World, One City at a Time

Hello there friends! Alice Engelbrink loves all things related to Bridge Card Games. Alice Engelbrink’s love of Bridge has lead her to travel the world seeking out like minded individuals.

Besides her own hobbies, she always puts her family and community service first. She has been so blessed with a wonderful family, and she loves to give back by returning that blessing to the world around her.

Travel History

Traveling for fun with bridge friends and with family for vacations has taken Alice Engelbrink far and wide around the globe. 




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Recent Travels

In this section you’ll find Alice Engelbrink’s most recent blog posts about the places she’s traveled for bridge card games and with family for vacations.

Alice Engelbrink Houston Gallery

We wanted to showcase Alice Engelbrink Houston doing what she loved, with family in photos.Alice Engelbrink Houston loved her family dearly.  Richard Engelbrink and Alice Engelbrink have a long standing tradition of decorating for every holiday. They especially...

Alice Engelbrink Houston Killer Chili

Alice Engelbrink Houston, Chef Extraodinaire Alice Engelbrink Houston spent many hours in the kitchen perfecting her tomato pie recipe. It has been a family favorite for years and was a requirement at every family gathering! The mix of savory spices and sweet tomatoes...

About Alice Engelbrink Houston News

Alice Engelbrink and her husband Richard Engelbrink news Houston were avid bridge playersThey spent most Saturday evenings with friends sitting around a card table.  Becoming an expert at bridge can take years but learning to play for fun with friends is easy.  Check...

Alice Engelbrink killed it at bridge card game playing with friends and Richard Engelbrink

Alice's 15 Tips & Tricks For Traveling Cheap

If you’ve ever traveled on a budget or with a family you know the struggle. Here, I share my tips for traveling farther and smarter!

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How Alice Engelbrink Learned to Love Bridge

The social aspect is what really drew Alice and her husband Richard Engelbrink to playing bridge.

My Favorite Blogs For Bridge Card Games

1. Learn the Bridge Card Game Rules

Bridge has a lot more rules than you might think. There are also many different types of bridge games. 

2. Learn Bridge Card Game Strategies

Once you have the basics down, use these Bridge Card Game Strategies to sharpen your skills.

3. Learn Bridge Card Game Etiquette

Did you know there is special etiquette for playing Bridge Card Games? Read these etiquette tips before making your next bridge faux pas!

alice engelbrink brain on vacation playing bridge card game with friends

Alice Engelbrink’s Favorite Photos

These are some of Alice’s favorite photos from her travels to play bridge in Ireland, Holland, Norway, and Iceland.

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